4 Smart Tips to Build a Productive Home Office Space

Published April 26, 2020 by The Rise West Grove Estates
Are you working form home during the COVID-19 pandemic? Here’s how to turn your West Springs home office into a more comfortable space to ensure maximum productivity.

In the midst of the new coronavirus pandemic, many companies are implementing voluntary or mandatory work-from-home policies. This means that many Calgarians are dealing with an unusual challenge: working full time from home for the very first time.

In order to make sure you work successfully, while maintaining your mental well-being, you should:

  • Designate a workspace or home office in your West Springs home
  • Keep clearly defined working hours
  • Stay physically active and spend some time outdoors
  • Build transitions into and out of work
  • Get dressed as you would for a normal working day

West Spring’s Green Spaces and Affordable, Beautiful Houses Make Working From Home Enjoyable

At The Rise at West Grove Estates, our meticulously crafted homes and naturally landscaped parks provide the perfect space for you to stay productive and happy while working from home.

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4 Smart Tips to Create a Productive Home Office

Are you working from your west-end Calgary home? While it might seem that getting out of the office has many benefits, such as saving time on commuting, it can be difficult to adjust to this new normal.

Here are 4 tips on how to create the perfect home office in your West Springs home to enhance your productivity:

1. Invest in The Right Furniture

If you’re working from home, you have the great opportunity to select furnishings that meet your personal tastes. It’s also a great chance to try out space-saving and ergonomic furniture, which will:

  • Make you feel more comfortable and increase your working capacity
  • Help you work faster and more efficiently
  • Eliminate any pain or other distractions, so you’re likely to make less errors
  • Lower strain on your body

Tip: Ergonomic office furniture can be expensive but one thing you don’t want to look for when buying such furniture is a cheap deal. While cheaper furniture may save you money upfront, it’s nothing compared to the comfort you’ll lose in the long run.

2. Make Use of Natural Lighting

It may seem obvious, but not everyone knows that lighting poses a direct impact on your physical and emotional well-being. Make sure you place your home office where there is an adequate amount of natural light. This will:

  • Boost your productivity
  • Reduce eye strain
  • Improve your mood
  • Result in less drowsiness and fewer mistakes

Make sure to go outside! When working from home, don’t forget to take breaks and even go outside at least once a day. At The Rise in West Springs Calgary, our naturally landscaped parks provide the perfect place for you to stay active while maintaining your safety and the appropriate social distance from your community members.


3. Set Your Boundaries

We all love our families, but children and spouses can prove to be a tremendous challenge when working from home. In addition, having a radio or TV in your office space can be huge distractions that will negatively impact your productivity.

What you need to do: Set clear boundaries about your workspace and your working hours. Try not to have any distractions in your home office that you wouldn’t be willing to have if you went into work.

4. Keep Your Workspace Clean and Organized

A big mistake many people make when setting up their home office is using it as a place to store their clutter and other miscellaneous items. The truth is that you don’t need any of these things to stay productive and get your work done.

How to Start Cleaning Up

Before you sit down to work, take an honest account of what you need to finish a task. Remember, clutter tends to induce stress because it’s a reminder of all the things you need to do in the future. Make sure to:

  • Get rid of huge stacks of papers
  • Put away small trinkets and other unnecessary objects
  • Keep a small number of supplies so as not to clutter your desk
  • Organize your cables for a cleaner space

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