4 Reasons Why It's Smart to Live Near a School

Published March 10, 2021 by The Rise West Grove Estates

It's a smart decision to buy a house near a school in Calgary. Here are the four top reasons why. 

For most families with school-aged children, living near top-ranked schools is a major priority. While the quality of education and convenience this provides are two of the biggest benefits of doing so, there are some other surprising ones you may not have thought of. 

In our article this week, we'll fill you in on the top four reasons why it's smart to buy a home that is close to excellent schools. 

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4 Reasons Why It's Smart to Live Near a School

Education is more important than ever. With fierce competition to get into the best universities, the pursuit of higher education is beginning earlier and earlier. Living close by some of these educational institutions that will serve as the building blocks of your child's post-secondary aspirations can be a major benefit. Both educationally and financially.

With that being said, here are the four best reasons why buying a house near top-notch schools is an astute decision. 

 1. Houses near good schools appreciate at a higher rate. If you're looking to get the highest return on your future home when it comes time to sell it, then choosing a house that is near a great school is something you should strongly consider. These properties tend to appreciate at a much better rate than those that are not. That's because living in a neighbourhood close to top schools will always be a priority for a large number of buyers. 

2. Time Is Precious. If you can send your kids to a great public or private school that is close to your house and neighbourhood, you will be cutting down drastically on the amount of time you spend shuttling your children back and forth between them. Instead of battling rush hour in both directions to take them across the city, you can quickly drop them off on your way to work and get into the office at a respectable time. Your boss will like you more, and everyone can even sleep in a bit later. 

3. It's great for your children's independence. There comes a point when our kids don't want to be seen getting dropped off at school by mommy and daddy. As heartbreaking as this is, it's totally understandable. We're just not cool anymore. If your kids can easily (and safely) walk to their elementary school or junior high, then they will gain greater independence and the empowerment that comes with knowing they can accomplish something without mom and dad helping them out.

4. Bonus amenities! While schools may be closed on the weekends, their playgrounds and fields sure aren't. And if the school near your house has a nice gym, your trip to men's league basketball or other indoor rec league sports could be especially short for the upcoming week. Having a school nearby your home is especially useful if you don't have a big backyard. You can take the kids or dog over to the field and let them run around and burn off all their energy.

Living Near a School Will Never Go Out of Style

You may have noticed we didn't even mention the educational benefit your children will receive from living near great schools in the four we listed above. But rest assured, your children will benefit mightily from attending a top-ranked school that is close to your house. It could even be the institution that sets them up for future greatness. 

While choosing a neighbourhood to live and raise a family in can be a difficult task, selecting one that is nearby great schools will always be a smart choice. Both now and when it comes time to sell your home. 

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Are houses next to schools cheaper?

On the contrary, generally speaking. Of course, this all depends on how good the school is near the house. If it's a good school, one survey of people shopping for houses found that 30 percent of them would be willing to exceed their budget to buy a home near it. 

Is it safer to live near a school?

Typically it is safer to live near a school since the police are known to monitor the playground zones and areas around it more frequently.

Do schools increase property value?

If your house is close to a good school, then yes, your property value is likely to increase more than that of one which isn't. 


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