What Makes a New Construction Home Better Than a Pre-Owned One

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Published December 10, 2020 by The Rise West Grove Estates

Choosing to have a new home constructed for your family brings with it a lot of amazing benefits. Here are the main ones that separate them from their pre-owned counterparts.

While it's currently a buyer's market in Calgary due to the lingering effects of the 2014-15 oil crash, sometimes there just isn't a pre-owned home on the market that ticks off all your boxes and fits nicely within your budget. When that's the case, opting for a new construction home in your desired location like West Springs in SW Calgary is most likely your best choice. 

Here are the top benefits you and your family can expect if you choose to go that route and purchase a new home. 

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Picking the best home for your family is not an easy decision, and finding the right neighbourhood will ensure your family's happiness, safety, and development. The Rise at West Grove Estates is a naturally beautiful area in West Springs that boasts top schools, an excellent location, and fantastic recreation opportunities for residents of all ages. 

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What Makes a New Construction Home Better Than a Pre-Owned One

If you and your family have been scouring listings looking for the perfect pre-owned home to move into, but nothing meets your criteria, then deciding to build a new home is a great alternative. The new home construction market is extremely competitive, and developments like The Rise at West Grove Estates in SW Calgary offer homeowners the rare opportunity to get everything they want in a highly sought-after location. 

But the amazing benefits of buying a new construction home in West Springs don't stop there. Let's take a look at some of the other main ones.

Exclusively yours with no hidden surprises

It's tough to put a finger on and accurately describe the sensation that accompanies moving into a home that no one has ever lived in before. The pristine conditions, cleanliness, and new home smell will fill both you and your family with that indescribable joy that only a newly constructed home can provide. Knowing every last detail, from big to small, was selected and put there by you, will also create the sort of satisfaction that is hard to convey with words. 

Building a brand new home also removes the worry or financial burden of coming across any undesirable surprises that a pre-owned home might have. While home inspections are a great tool, you never know what might be lurking behind the walls or ceilings when you buy a home that's been lived in before.


Extensive interior and exterior customization

Choosing to go with a new build in Calgary affords you the opportunity to customize your home the exact way you see fit. After all, no one knows your tastes and needs quite as you do. Having control over how your new home will look and function is a delightful experience, and you can select everything from the light placements to the exterior siding material that will adorn your new house. With different layouts, fixtures, colour options, and more to choose from to make your home uniquely yours, the design process is perfect for those who know exactly what they want and what it takes to make their new space the dream home they've always wanted.

Reduced maintenance costs for the first few years

Moving into a newly built home with brand new appliances and fixtures allows you to avoid any costly repairs or replacements for at least the first few years of possession. While there are no guarantees that something won't need to be fixed in that time, most builders have comprehensive warranties that cover most of the big-ticket items or aspects of a home. The same can't be said when purchasing a pre-owned house, where your chances of having to repair a leaky roof or broken pipe in your first few years of owning it are much higher.


New homes are more energy efficient

For the environmentally conscious and spendthrift homebuyer, choosing a newly built home will provide greater energy efficiency and lower utility bills than if you were to go the pre-owned route. That's because new homes come with the latest energy-efficient innovations and materials currently on the market. Homeowners can even choose to take those steps even further by selecting more environmentally friendly options such as energy-efficient windows, dual flush toilets, LED lights, and smart thermostats during the build process. Adding energy-efficient windows alone can reduce the amount of heat that is lost or gained in a house by between 25-30 per cent compared to windows that are old and not energy efficient, which is what you will likely encounter if you purchase a pre-owned home.

An unparalleled choice

From the indescribable feeling that moving into a house no one has ever lived in before provides to customizing your new home exactly the way you see fit, choosing a new construction home for you and your family is truly unparalleled. Contact us today to find out more about our beautiful new semi-estate homes in the highly sought-after neighbourhood of West Springs in SW Calgary, and book a showhome visit to see what all the buzz is about.

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