10 Fun Indoor Activities for the Whole Family

Published January 10, 2021 by The Rise West Grove Estates

Just because we're locked down again doesn't mean we can't have fun while stuck inside. Here are 10 activities you and your family can do to keep things joyful and happy in your new home.

Vaccines are being administered to frontline health care workers, and there's a very bright light at the end of the long and dark tunnel that was 2020. But for a little longer, it seems as though we'll be somewhat confined to our homes again.

Why not make the most of the situation by trying some of these 10 fun activities that the whole family will enjoy.

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1. Now we're cooking!

Kids absolutely love cooking or baking. Anytime they get to do something that is primarily the grown-up's domain, they feel as though they've finally been invited to the big dance. They have a special place in their hearts for making pizza, biscuits, or pie crusts because they get to squish all the dough with their little fingers. And once they taste their own handiwork, they might be hooked.

2. The next Houdini

Magic tricks never get old. Except for that one where you 'got someone's nose'. That one definitely gets old, and we're sure your kids have duly informed you of this. Up your magic game by checking out some videos on YouTube, then dazzle your kids with your newfound sleight of hand. Try to avoid any jokes about 'making your kids disappear', the younger ones are particularly sensitive to this.

3. Try out some global cuisine

This activity is great because you can teach your kids about a different country and introduce them to a new cuisine at the same time. Choose a country on your globe or map, then read your children a brief overview of its culture. After that, you can create one of their signature dishes for lunch or dinner that day. 

4. Have a camping adventure inside

While it's too cold to go camping outside in the backyard, no one said you couldn't set up a tent indoors! If you don't have an actual tent you can use, create a makeshift one using blankets or cushions. Then tell your kids some campfire stories around an electric lantern or candle while you guys eat s'mores and hot dogs. 

5. Put together a puzzle

Puzzles are tough. But when everyone works together, they become a whole lot easier! To make the experience even more enjoyable, try to pick one that has a special connection to your family, like a place you all went on vacation to or an animal that your kids absolutely love.


6. Unlock your inner Mr. Dressup

While your kids are certainly too young to understand this reference, you probably aren't. Gather up all your old and unwanted dresses, shoes, hats, and costume jewelry and have some dress-up fun with them. You and your partner can even join in, trying on each other's old clothes for added giggles and guffaws. 

7. Do your best Rounders impression

Playing cards is always fun. Maybe don't make it such a high stakes affair as in that movie referenced above, but turn off the TV, teach your kids a few new games (look them up if you have to), and watch the fun unfold. 

8. Boot up some old movies

Since it's cold outside there's no shame in watching a bit of television. But instead of the modern cartoons, opt for some kid-friendly classics such as Chitty Chitty Bang Bang or The Wizard of Oz

9. Do some science experiments

There are a ton of fun science experiments for kids online. A simple search will unlock a world of possibilities, and your kids will get some great scientific education while being entertained. 

10. Do an indoor treasure hunt

No kid is going to turn down a treasure hunt, especially when you tell them the fabled loot of Long John Silver is hidden somewhere within the house. This activity takes a bit of planning but is well worth the extra effort. Create a treasure map and stash away some dollar store jewels or gems somewhere in the house. You can even put the map somewhere your kids will find it and act all surprised when they bring it to you. They're going to have a blast!

As you can see from the activities above, being locked down doesn't necessarily put an end to having fun. With us all on our devices more nowadays, hopefully these 10 activities can give you a chance to connect with those you love most and have some laughs and enjoyment while doing so.

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